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This 18K solid Gold necklace features a gorgeous drop shaped cultured freshwater Pearl. This in turn hosts a round, faceted, sparkling green Peridot at its centre set in its own 18ct Gold bed. It’s an unusual Pearl that's one of a kind, very rare and organically beautiful carrying magnificent lustre. An intricately handcrafted trace chain made of 18 carat yellow Gold completes the ensemble. Pr..
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This handcrafted Sterling Silver ring holds a fabulous Emerald, oval shaped and facetted. The natural Silver surface has a finely brushed texture. Created in my Silversmithing studio in Yorkshire, this is a one of a kind ring. Emerald is the birthstone of May and one of the 4 genuine precious stones, together with the Diamond, the Ruby and the Sapphire.Measurements: Oval Emerald: 10mm x 7..
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Freshly out of my parents’ garden in Lisbon these handmade earrings pay homage to the the beauty of olive leaves (Olea europaea). The silvery green leaves have an oblong shape and their natural matte and shiny surface. In a 9ct Gold bezel they are both set with a smooth Turquoise cabochon in a 9ct Gold bezel, Each leaf is unique and therefore slightly vary in size and shape. These were directl..
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This handmade Sterling Silver necklace pays homage to the the beauty of the olive tree (Olea europaea). Suspended on an elegant round ball chain this unique oblong leaf exhibits its natural matte and shiny surface. It features a round Turquoise cabochon, which is set in a 9ct Gold bezel.Picked in my parents’ garden in Lisbon this leaf has been crafted at my workshop in East Yorkshire in Ster..
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These are handcrafted Moss Aquamarine earrings in solid 9ct Gold. They are onion-shaped, facetted to sparkle beautifully and have the exquisite AAA quality.The rare Moss Aquamarine, like all Aquamarines, belongs to the Beryll family of gemstones and exhibits a subtle blue hue in a green, half transparent, speckled crystal matrix. You can see the light reflecting from the depths of this prec..
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Each circular link of this solid 9 carat yellow Gold necklace has been crafted individually and linked by hand. The six onion-shaped Moss Aquamarines are facetted and have the exquisite AAA quality.The rare Moss Aquamarine, like all Aquamarines, belongs to the Beryll family of gemstones and exhibits a subtle blue hue in a green, half transparent, speckled crystal matrix. You can see the lig..
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 A beautiful natural oval Emerald is embeded in this solid Sterling Silver ring. The look and feel of this ring is rich in variety to the senses, tempting to touch the different surfaces. It has a smooth ridge at the bottom and indentations that add comfort to wearing it upright on the sides. The contrasting dark patterns stem from a skeleton leaf that has been dried carefully and embo..
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 Genuine Aquamarine, cut to 48 smooth spheres and adorned with Sterling Silver, make up this lavish necklace. The colours resemble all of the ocean’s waters colours, the marine blues and blue greens with their subtle differences in hue that are to be discovered in the depths of the gemstone up close. A grand pendant with a polished finis, which holds the large oval cabochon-cut Aquamar..
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 A breathtaking green Tourmaline is suspended on this Sterling Silver ring ball chain necklace. This unique Tourmaline has the quality AAA and is left as it grew millions of years ago in a complete crystal. A puffy little bird handcrafted from solid Sterling Silver accompanies the stone on as second pendant. This work has been cast and silversmithed in my workshop in Yorkshire using tr..
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These are made to order 9ct Gold ear studs each featuring a princess cut square Peridot in top AAA quality. Peridot is a lush green semi-precious stone that is the birthstone of August.A Peridot doesn't get darker at night, consequently the Romans named it The Evening Emerald. Did you know, the ancient Egytpians used it as currency and it was more valuable than Diamonds? It is said that Cle..
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 This necklace holds beautiful Colombian shaded Emeralds inside of a glass keepsake vial. The lid of the pendant and the chain is made of genuine Sterling Silver. The faceted Emeralds have the exquisite quality rating AAA.The Incas and Aztecs, in whose former realm the best Emeralds are still found today, regarded the it as holy gemstone. However, the oldest known finds were once m..
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 Inspired by the lunar eclipse on the 4th April 2015 in the USA and 25th September 2015 in Europe I created this unique bangle. You can decide between pink or a green Tourmaline which will be set into the bezel permanently. The solid Silver has been fused with 9ct yellow Gold, resembling the moon and the sun. A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into i..
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