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HYDRANGEA FLOWER | Brooch in Sterling Silver (sold)

HYDRANGEA FLOWER | Brooch in Sterling Silver (sold)
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The Hydrangea, also known as Hortensia, is a wonderful flower bush with pom-pom-like arrangements in pastel colours.
One of these unique flowers has been turned into pure Silver and will adorn your lapel or shirt.
It is a brooch or a pin that will be secured with a protective tip.
The Hydrangea petals are Fine silver (99.9%) and the pin is Sterling Silver (92.5%).
The petals show intricate details and they are actually hollow, which makes the pin comparably lightweight.
On first glance it may resemble a four-leaf clover, which will be a good conversation starter on any occasion.

The brooch has a depth between 3mm - 0.9mm.
Width 32.9mm x height 31.8mm x length 57.4mm.