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TOURMALINE TWIG WITH FLOWER | Sterling Silver ring (Sold Out)

TOURMALINE TWIG WITH FLOWER | Sterling Silver ring (Sold Out)
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This is a solid Sterling Silver ring made of a summer twig with a little flower still on.
It features a stunningly green polished Tourmaline.
This Tourmaline has the quality AAA and is cut as a cabochon.
This work has been hand cast in my workshop in Yorkshire using traditional procedures.
The twig and flower have been transformed into wax.
Over the course of 15 hours the wax model has been burnt out from 230 slowly to 730 degrees to create a void in a cast form.
The resulting hollow has then been filled with liquid molten Sterling Silver and refined with silversmithing techniques.

This work is part of the exclusive ‘I am organic - Collection’ which is defined by extraordinarily beautiful natural objects that simply deserve to be cast in precious metals for all eternity.
Out of sheer respect of nature’s beauty, I leave the surfaces organic and use only traditional methods in the creative process.
For more information, please contact me.

Tourmaline is a colourful semi-precious stone that is available from black to bluish black, dark brown, yellow, medium brown, blue to neon blue, lime to dark forest green, yellow, pink, red, reddish purple, and colourless.
Its name comes from the Sinhalese (a Sri Lankan dialect) word 'tura mali', literally meaning 'the stone of mixed colours'.
The most expensive ones are the blue Indicolite, the green Verdelite and the pink Rubellite.

Tourmalines are usually given on 8th Wedding Anniversaries.
If you were born in October the Tourmaline is your birthstone along with the Opal.

This ring is also available with other precious stones and will be made especially for you.
There is also rhodium plating or gold plating available.
Please contact me anytime.

The twig is 2.6 mm thick, the flower measures 5.4 mm x 6.4 mm.
The Tourmaline is 4 mm wide and 5 mm long.

Ring size:
This unique ring is a UK size N, US size 6 3/4, it has a circumference of 54 mm, which is a diameter of 17.25 mm.
In this size it will be sent straight away.
However, I can make it in all sizes. Please allow around two weeks for the creation of your special ring.
Please add your size in the comment in your order.
There will be a small fee of £10 for the custom order.
The ring and the sculpture will always be looking slightly different, because these are one of a kind items.
If you have any questions how to measure your ring size, please feel free to contact me.

Use my ring size calculator (click here) or contact me (click here). I'll be glad to help you.