Jewellery with Rose Quartz is pastell coloured and enhances your natural skin tones.
This semi-precious stone has been used in love spells and love charms in the middle ages
and is still called 'the love stone'.
It's thought to enhance the wearers attraction and make her more lovable.
Rose Quartz is a Crystal full of energy and can calm emotions,
improve self esteem and is associated with the heart chakra.
It catches the light in a gentle way and has often interesting inclusions.
Colours range from very pale pink to deep rose.

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ROSE QUARTZ OVAL DOME | Matte Sterling Silver ring Sold | Ask for quote

ROSE QUARTZ OVAL DOME | Matte Sterling Silver ring

Solid Sterling Silver exquisite ring featuring an oval 8x6mm smooth Rose Quartz in a shiny cabochon cut.This ring has a brushed matte finish. ..