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Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein
Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein

I am Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein and ADFK are just my initials.

Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, I later moved to Germany,

where I studied Arts and learned my craft.


I lived in Yorkshire, England for 10 years, where I had my shop

and also did my University degree in ceramics and jewellery design.


In my designs I incorporate experiences and influences of cultures from around the world.

I began designing and handcrafting since I was a little girl, later I started jewellery for the love of Art itself.

I just love creating something special for someone special.


Using Silver, Gold and White Gold, each jewellery piece is an expression of myself

and a reflection of nature, from which I draw my inspiration.

The extraordinary beauty of gemstones is a focus of my work.


I love using precious stones, but there is a great variety of semi precious materials

I hand-select myself from all over the world.


I want to create a style that is elegant, feminine, classy and modern.


If you want something that not everyone has, so unique,

so limited edition there is only one, you might be at the right place.


If you require bespoke work that is not on my page

I am happy to custom-make one for you or your loved one,

perfectly fitting to an outfit or complexion.

Just give me a ring, text or email, click here for my contact page (mail@adfk.co.uk)

New: Inside the workshop, impressions and photos how ADFK Jewellery is made. Click here.