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CARVED EMERALD TEARS | Earrings set in Sterling Silver (sold)

CARVED EMERALD TEARS | Earrings set in Sterling Silver (sold)
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These are genuine Emerald hand carved earrings showing a spectacular saturated green colour set in Sterling Silver.
They feature lovely flower carvings on both sides of the three-dimensional teardrop shaped Emeralds.
These Fine Jewellery earrings will be gently suspended on your ear by a solid Sterling Silver French ear wire.
They are spectacular statement earrings that will add a pop of color to any outfit.
Wear them like a Hollywood star!
Emerald Green has been named the Color of the Year 2016.
The green of the Emerald is the colour of life and in ancient Rome, the colour of Venus, goddess of beauty and love.
In Emeralds inclusions are tolerated, in high quality fine emeralds can even be more valuable than diamonds.
It’s one of the genuine four precious stones the other three being the Sapphire, Ruby and the Diamond.
The Emerald ist the birthstone of the people born in May.

From the top to the bottom the Emerald drops measure about 1 1/8” inches each (28.7mm, total with bail 31.7 mm).
They are 15.2 mm wide and 6.6 mm thick.
The combined carat weight of these Emerald earrings is a generous 55.6 carats.
The total length including the hooks is 41.7 mm.