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Blue Lagoon Ring | Three raw Aquamarines on Sterling Silver Ring (sold out)

Blue Lagoon Ring | Three raw Aquamarines on Sterling Silver Ring (sold out)
  • Available: Made to order (2-3 weeks)
  • Unique No: 972

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This is a handmade Aquamarine ring holding three substantial specimens of the semi-precious stone.
The ring is crafted around the crystals with sturdy rounded claws and completely out of Sterling Silver and has a highly polished finish.
I let the Aquamarines show their raw beauty in this naturally grown form, partially transparent like water from a lagoon,
partially white like ocean spray and all around sparkling like the rays of the sun in the south seas.
If any gemstone can recall happy summer holiday memories, it's Aquamarine.
The colour ranges from light to medium blue and also slightly blue-green, just if it were made of water.
It is said to be the treasure of mermaids and therefore having the power to safeguard sailors.
Aquamarine symbolises youth, health and love.
It smoothes and relaxes the wearer.
It has a soothing effect on married couples and also provides protection against the ruse of evil.
It is said to increase intelligence and make one more youthful.
Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.

All my pieces are unique and when it comes to rings, you want to know the finger size, if it is for the ring finger, pointer, thumb, middle or the pinky, left or right or even for a toe.

In most cases rings can be adapted and resized.

This ring is an N, 53 mm (in circumference) or a European size 13, and this is immediately available.
If you require a different ring size, I need about a week to alter the ring.
Please choose your size above.
Use my ring size calculator (click here), or contact me (click here).
I'll be glad to help you.

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