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FIREWORK | Earrings with 6 precious stones in Gold (sold)

FIREWORK | Earrings with 6 precious stones in Gold (sold)
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  • Unique No: 1651

These Sterling Silver earrings embrace the elegant colours of six precious stones.
Starting with the luscious green of the round Peridot,
all stones are facetted to reflect the natural light beautifully.
The chain continues down with five square cut gemstones:
A rare light orange Citrine,
the sky blue Topaz,
the unusual light green Amethyst,
a pastel violet Amethyst,
it concludes with a wonderfully deep red Garnet.
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver and rhodium plated.

The total length of the earrings is 5.5cm.

Dimensions of the precious stones:
Peridot: 5mm,
Citrine: 6mm,
Topaz: 8mm,
Green Amethyst: 7mm,
Purple Amethyst: 6mm,
Garnet: 5m.

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