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TRUE SILVER | Earrings in brushed Sterling Silver

TRUE SILVER | Earrings in brushed Sterling Silver
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These dangly Sterling Silver earrings have been meticulously handcrafted out of each 5 individually created chain links.
Each circle has been wrought separately soldered and given a brushed finish.
The unique shine of Silver underlines the beauty of the woman who wears it.

All loops are intertwined which gives it a rich threedimensional, yet light, appearance.
This work has been created in my workshop in Yorkshire using traditional silversmithing techniques.

The total length of these earrings is 85 mm.
The large disc in the middle is 28.5 mm long and 24.2 mm wide.
The four discs are 19.7 mm long 16.4 mm wide.
The thickness of the discs is 1mm strong.

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