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FIBONACCI SPIRAL | Earrings in Sterling Silver made to order

FIBONACCI SPIRAL | Earrings in Sterling Silver made to order
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These handmade earrings feature the Golden Ratio also known as the Fibonacci Spiral.
They are solid hammered Sterling Silver, but still light weight, as they are halves, the open backs are concave.

Creating this work I have been inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo Bonacci.
Design can be mathematics and often we believe beauty is just not logical, but
the two scientists were fascinated when they found out that nature uses mathematics.
One can get an approximation of this Golden Spiral,
when drawing round arcs that connect the opposite corners of squares with the following edge length in mm:
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and 34.

Handcrafted and made to order in my silver-goldsmithing workshop in Yorkshire. 
Please allow up to 3 weeks for the creation.

The spiral is 22.5x17.7x3.1mm.
The total length of the earrings is 37.2mm

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