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HALF MOON DIAMOND | Sterling Silver Necklace (sold out)

HALF MOON DIAMOND | Sterling Silver Necklace (sold out)
  • Available: Made to order (2-3 weeks)
  • Unique No: 1390


This necklace features a solid Sterling Silver moon as a pendant with brilliant high quality Diamond at its centre on an elegant Sterling Silver chain.
The piece was created at my workshop in East Yorkshire.
All my Diamonds are conflict-free diamonds.

Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon that form under crushing pressures and intense heat.
They form in the Earth's mantle, at a great depth, crystalising at über high pressures, taking over a billion of years to finish the circle of formation.

The Diamond owes its name from the Greek expression "Adamas" which means unconquerable.
It symbolizes the eternity of love. It is by far the most popular of all stones throughout the ages.
Diamond is a symbol of love, innocence and purity.
If you wear a Diamond you are blessed with strength and endurance.
Diamond is used in natural healing therapy to strengthen the reproductive organs and the kidneys.
Because this stone is composed of a single element, it is considered to be purest of all gemstones.
The Diamond is the birthstone of April.

The Diamond has a diameter of 2 mm and the necklace has a length of 45 cm.