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CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS | Earrings in rhodiumplated Sterling Silver

CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS | Earrings in rhodiumplated Sterling Silver
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These super elegant earrings are handcrafted from Sterling Silver and then covered in a thin layer of the precious metal Rhodium.
Each shiny arc carries nine Diamonds which have a mysterious dark tint and sparkle beautifully on your ears.
These rare Champagne Diamonds are completely untreated.
The brown and golden hues of Champagne Diamonds are produced entirely by nature, in contrast to more vivid diamond colours produced by irradiation or high pressure/high temperature treatment.
Warm, Elegant, Exotic & Classic, Champagne diamonds are the haute couture of natural coloured diamonds.
From light champagnes to the rich tones of cognacs, champagne diamonds make a statement and are extraordinary.
The Diamond is the birthstone of April.
These earrings are 15mm long and 2mm wide.