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Crystal Flower Sterling Silver ring with a round facetted Quartz

Crystal Flower Sterling Silver ring with a round facetted Quartz
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A smooth feminine sterling silver flower ring with a beautiful round faceted crystal quartz.

For those who can't afford a Diamond, Crystal, white Topaz and Zirconia are some of the alternative gemstones for those born in April.

Quartz crystal is a clear variety of quartz that was first found high in the frozen mountains of the Alps. Ancient people believed it was a form of ice crystals that would never melt.  Crystal comes from the Greek word Krustallos, meaning ice. It has a trigonal structure and a hardness of 7.

It is said to have cooling powers and is a romantic stone. Sources of quartz crystal include Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, France and parts of the Soviet Union.

Crystal Quartz is a powerful gemstone. It is mainly used in healing as amplification for the energies of the other working stones.

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This ring is a P½ , circumference in (mm) 56,  European size 15½.

All my pieces are unique and when it comes to rings, you want to know the finger size, if it is for the ring finger, pointer, thumb, middle or the pinky, left or right or even for a toe.

In most cases rings can be adapted and resized.

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