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CROCODILE BITES RUBY | Black Sterling Silver necklace

CROCODILE BITES RUBY | Black Sterling Silver necklace
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This Sterling Silver necklace features a crocodile head with a unique freeform rough Ruby in its mouth.
It is suspended on a polished ball chain.
The rough uncut Ruby is completely natural, unheated and untreated.
Its colour is truly vibrantly red to pink.

The necklace and the crocodile has been treated to look black using an ancient technique.
The spheres of the necklace shimmer slightly in rainbow colours.

Made to order for you personally.

The Ruby is one of the four genuine Precious Stones.
It's the most expensive of all gems other than the rare red variety of diamonds.
Rubies satisfy all the hallmarks of value: Rarity, durability and beauty.
Rubies accord wisdom, happiness and health to the wearer.
They are also known for maintaining balance in love.
Ruby is a symbol of everything royal from dignity to power and passion.
Rubies are said to protect the wearer from sorrow of false friendships.
They are used to strengthen the heart, increase circulation and improve digestion.
The Ruby is the birthstone of the ones born in July.

Handcrafted and cast in the ADFK workshop in Yorkshire.

This necklace will be made to order.
On request available with other natural unheated untreated rough gemstones and precious stones: Sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Emerald. (Price may vary.)