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 The stunningly blue precious stone at the centre of this necklace is a Tanzanite.Made to order for you. It is surrounded by 22 diamonds set in a backdrop of Black Rhodium. The back of this pendant, which is crafted from Sterling Silver, is plated with 24ct Gold. The beautiful chain is 9ct solid yellow Gold. The Tanzanite in the quality AAA has been facetted to sparkle luxuriously..
 These playful earrings feature exclusive hand carved Amethysts in the shapes of fish. The metal of the hooks and bail is solid 9ct Gold.The fish sculptures are made of high quality African Amethysts in the colour Deep Purple and are 100% natural and untreated.Amethyst is a semi-precious stone whose colours range from dark purple to hues of blue and pink-violet. It is found in B..
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