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THE FIVE RUBIES | Solid Sterling Silver ring

THE FIVE RUBIES | Solid Sterling Silver ring
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This organically shaped ring features 5 Rubies embedded in its chunky Sterling Silver body.
Each Ruby is deep red and has a square princess cut.
Ruby is one of the 4 real precious stones and the birthstone of July.

The Rubies have an edge length of 2mm.
The ring is 8mm wide at the top and goes to 3.5mm at the bottom.
The thickness varies between 3.3mm and 1.7mm.

Ring size:
This unique ring is a UK size M 1/2, US size 6 1/2, it has a circumference of 53 mm, which is a diameter of 17 mm.
In this size it can be sent straight away.
However, I can make it in all sizes.
Please allow around two weeks for the creation of your special ring.
Please add your size in the comment in your order.
There will be a small fee of £10 for the custom order for small to medium ladies’ hands.
For larger ring sizes or men’s please enquire as this ring is quite beefy.
The ring and the organic surface will always be looking slightly different, because it is a one of a kind item.
If you have any questions how to measure your ring size, please feel free to contact me.
Also available in Gold.