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Dangly Citrine earrings | Drop shaped in Gold vermeil (sold out)

Dangly Citrine earrings | Drop shaped in Gold vermeil (sold out)
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Elegant, sophisticated dangly earrings with drop shaped pendants.
AAA yellow gold faceted Citrine set in Sterling Silver gold vermeil, on a vermeil earring hook. Total length 3.1cm, Stone 1.1x1cm.
Beautiful play of the colour yellow and orange depending on the light.

Citrine is one of the two November's birthstones.
Citrine got his name from the latin word for the colour 'yellow'. In ancient times Citrine was thought to channel the yellow ray, supporting the body.
It was carried to protect against evil thoughts and snake venom. In modern times, people, who use crystals for healing, use Citrine for upliftment.
Citrines range in colour from a very pale yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown to reddish-brown.
Citrine is traditionally given at 13th and 17th Wedding anniversaries.
Citrine is used to bring clarity and awareness, the yellow colour symbolising wisdom, joy and happiness.