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MOUNTAIN SUNSET | Sterling Silver Brooch with Carnelian (Sold Out)

MOUNTAIN SUNSET | Sterling Silver Brooch with Carnelian (Sold Out)
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This brooch is depicting a flock of birds resting on a branch in front of an epic mountain sunset.
A warm orange smooth round Carnelian is the glowing evening sun.
The relief texture and surface is hand carved into Sterling Silver and darkened using etching techniques.
It closes with a pin at the back and can be used as versatile broach or scarf pin.
Carnelian, also known as Carneol,  is a special variety of Chalcedony comprising microcrystalline fibers of this special Quartz.
It is dark red to brown in the shade and when light falls on it, it exhibits a wonderful bright orange glow 
that seems to be originating from the inside.
Carneol is a very desirable stone.
It was already popular in ancient times, for instance the seal ring of pharao Ramses II was a Carneol ring.

The brooch is 70 mm long and 20 mm high, it is 2 mm thick.
The Carnelian is 5 mm in diameter.