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Blue Tanzanite ear studs set in Sterling Silver (sold out)

Blue Tanzanite ear studs set in Sterling Silver (sold out)
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Ear studs with high quality AAA smooth blue-violet Tanzanite cabochons set in Sterling Silver.
Tanzanite is a Lavender Zoisite and it was discovered only in 1967 at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.
The presence of vanadium is what creates its incredible colour.
These crystals have quite a distinct property known as plechroism, meaning that they can appear as more than one color when viewed at different angles.
Tanzanite can be seen as purple, grey, or blue. Under an incandescent light the stones may even appear violet.
Tanzanites are 1000 times rarer than diamonds.
On Mohs scale it has a 6.5 hardness and a orthorhombic crystal structure.
Tanzanite is a calming stone and is said to enhance composure and harmony.
Tanzanite has been declared in 2002 an additional December's Birthstone by the American Gem Trade Association.

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