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AMAZONITE SUN | Necklace with Sterling Silver artwork (Sold out)

AMAZONITE SUN | Necklace with Sterling Silver artwork (Sold out)
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This necklace is made of blue-green Russian Amazonite in the exquisite AAA-quality and Sterling Silver.
The chain consists of round faceted Amazonite while the pendant has a smooth round Amazonite cabochon set in a Sterling Silver sun.
An elegant T-toggle clasp closes the necklace.

The Amazonite’s name refers to the variable green shades of the rainforest along the big river that are reflected in the gemstone.
This gem is usually cut as a cabochon, with a rounded and convex polished surface like it is in the pendant.
Amazonite does not undergo any kind of treatment.
This gemstone is a bluish green variety of microcline Feldspar.
Due to its colour this stone is sometimes mistaken for Jade or Turquoise, but it's much rarer.
It is said that Amazonite helps calm a person's emotions, but its strongest power is to make life in marriage happier.

This necklace is 45 cm long.
The faceted Amazonite of the chain are 3mm in diameter.
The Amazonite cabochon of the pendant has a diameter of 8mm.