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SPINNING DIAMOND | Solid 18K Gold ring

SPINNING DIAMOND | Solid 18K Gold ring
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This Diamond ring, handmade of solid 18 carat Gold, features a round Diamond seemingly spinning inside an oval circle.
Due to its unique asymmetric design it looks different depending on which way you wear it.

Diamonds owe their name from the Greek expression "Adamas" which means unconquerable.
It symbolises the eternity of love. This is by far the most popular of all stones throughout the ages.
This crystal clear form of carbon reflects light beautifully.
Diamond is a symbol of love, innocence and purity.
If you wear a Diamond you are blessed with strength and endurance.
Diamond is used to strengthen the reproductive organs and the kidneys.
Because this stone is composed of a single element, it is considered to be purest of all gemstones.
It is also the birthstone of people born in April.

The exquisite clear SI1-G quality Diamond has a size of 1.7mm.
This ring shank has a comfortably rounded profile measuring 2mm x 1.3mm.
The oval design element is 8.8mm x 6.7mm in a square profile of 1.8mm width x 1mm thickness.
All in 18K solid Gold.

Ring size:
The UK size for this Ring is N, the US size is 6 3/4 and this is immediately available.
It has an internal circumference of 54mm and an internal diameter of 17.2mm.
If you would like another size this ring will be made to order for you on request.
Please allow up to 3 weeks for the creation.

Please contact me with any questions on ring sizes, material options or designs.
I am happy to help.