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OCTOPUS | Sterling Silver earrings with a Sapphire

OCTOPUS | Sterling Silver earrings with a Sapphire
  • Available: : Immediately
  • Unique No: 1629

These are handcrafted solid Sterling Silver earrings with long hooks and a Sapphire.
As part of my ‘Inspired by the sea’ series they have the surface structure
of an octopus’ tentacles with its round suction cups.

A second Sapphire is being engulfed by the suction cups and partly shining through.
The Sapphires are dark blue like the deep sea, where this mesmerising sea creature lives.

The earrings are slightly different in length, 1,5mm, which adds to their uniqueness
and complements symmetry, as one of our ears is usually slightly higher.

The Sapphires are 2.5mm in diameter.
The tentacles are 18.4mm long and 5mm wide.
The total length of the earrings with hooks is 44mm and 42.5mm.

Available in Gold, White Gold or gold plated Silver made to order on request.