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LITTLE HONEYCOMBS | Ear studs in Sterling Silver

LITTLE HONEYCOMBS | Ear studs in Sterling Silver
  • Available: Made to order (2-3 weeks)
  • Unique No: 1549


These Sterling Silver ear studs feature a honeycomb inspired structure, designed by bees.
They have been created and hand cast in my workshop in Yorkshire using traditional procedures.
Over the course of 15 hours the wax model has been burnt out from 230 gradually to 730 degrees Celsius to create a perfect void in a cast form.
The resulting hollow has then been filled with liquid molten Sterling Silver at 980 degrees and refined with silversmithing techniques.
My inspiration for this work is to stress the importance of the honeybee for ecosystems for her pollination services, which is not recognised enough.
Also the bee is a symbol for industriousness, bees have good communication skills and working social systems where everybody plays their role
and shows responsibility.
All of which are traits that mankind might be well advised to learn from this little insect.
This little pair of earrings might be the perfect present a busy bee that you know.

The honeycombs measure 6.4 mm by 5.5 mm and they are 1.8 mm strong.