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TIGER'S EYE DISCS | Necklace with brushed Sterling Silver applications

TIGER'S EYE DISCS | Necklace with brushed Sterling Silver applications
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This is a Necklace made of shiny discs of Tiger's eye in the shape of convex lenses.
It features various forms of handcrafted matte brushed Sterling Silver beads, rings and clasp.

Tiger's Eye is a semi-precious stone with a mesmerising threedimensional shimmer in yellow, gold, orange and brown hues.
Depending on the angle of light it reflects different parts of the crystal deep inside.
It's an eye catcher and some people can never get enough of staring at its ever changing structures from within.
Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection and was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishes and curses.
Both a grounding and uplifting crystal it can help bolster one’s self confidence.
Tiger’s eye can promote a positive attitude, assist us in accomplishing our goals and help us recognise our own talents and abilities.

The necklace is 43 cm long.
The polished Tiger's Eye lenses are 13 mm in diameter and 4.3 mm thick in the middle.
The brushed Silverelements have a diameter of 12 mm.

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