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This made to order handcrafted Sterling Silver necklace features a round pendant with two hearts that have been embossed. The Hearts are joined and inlaid with 24 carat Gold all forming a beautiful tactile relief. You can actually feel the hearts in total darkness. This is a strong symbol for the bond between two people. The pendant is suspended on a bead chain, also known as ball chain, very ..
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This elaborate handmade Sterling Silver ring comprises 21 rings, each and everyone has been singly soldered.21 is the total as a whole. Like a living organism consisting of many parts it feels as one lavish ring. They are all D court shaped and so very comfortable to wear.Measurements: The total shank is 9 mm wide, each individual ring being 1 mm wide and 0.52 mm thick. ..
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 You are looking at a smooth and hammered Sterling Silver ring for men.This ring can be worn on the thumb – or any finger really – and the special concave shape gently snugs the middle of the thumb segment and is curved towards the knuckle and bone of the thumb.This contemporary elegant, yet masculine ring has a high polish and wrought finish. Measurements:The rin..
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 This is a classic and handmade Sterling Silver ring that symbolises all the twists and turns that life throws at you. It has a square profile that has been turned full circle.Measurements: The shank is 2.1 mm wide.Ringsize: I have made this ring in a UK size J 1/2  (50mm), N (54mm), O1/2 (56mm) and Q (58mm) (inner circumference), that’s a US size 5, 6 1/2, 7 1/2 and..
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 Here you see genuine Sterling Silver ear studs in the shape of a round concave lens with a flower ornament pattern. They are fine and subtle, yet look three-dimensional. The polished, slightly elevated lines are contrasted against the black oxidised and matte Silver surface. Classic design for the evening dress and at the same time very appropriate to wear at the office.Measuremen..
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 These are Sterling Silver ear rings, also known as Creoles, consisting of little spheres or bubbles which form hoops to compliment your ear. Created in my atelier in Yorkshire from a piece of wax, hand carved and cast in Silver, they have then been highly polished. They have a fastening like studs.Measurements: The bubbles have a 4 mm width. The internal diameter of the hoops is ..
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This is a handmade solid Sterling Silver ring with an interesting texture using a new technique. The ring has been “transformed” using the torch while applying lace. I burned the imprint into the wax without melting it down (burned my fingertip slightly, while I was at it). The Lace is then oxidised and partially polished. It invites you to play with its pattern, feeling it with your finger ti..
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 This is a solid slim/wide band ring, handcrafted using vintage techniques in Sterling Silver with a set of finger prints as relief structure.ID yourself! Hand carved and hand printed using a real finger! My own thumb... it wasn’t that easy.If you want to be realistic and shown uniqueness sometimes you have as an artist go that extra mile.Using the lost wax technique, I worked..
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This is a square shaped solid Sterling Silver ring, made to order. It's a classic, round and edgy at the same time, for fans of clear shapes. Handcrafted, polished surface, width: 50mm. Please state your ring size in your order and I will contact you to confirm after ordering. All my pieces are unique and when it comes to rings, you want to know the finger size, if it is for the ring finger, p..
Ex Tax:150€
These are ear studs entirely handmade of Sterling Silver with round bowls surrounded by frozen Silver droplets.These are highly polished like the rest of the ring, but in contrast to these smooth, shiny surfaces, the inside surface of the round bowl is made of matte, structured, dark Silver.The little droplets on the rim have been frozen in the moment they've been liquid ..
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 Do you like Panda bears as much as I do?Then this handcrafted Sterling Silver brooch is is the perfect accessory for you.Handcarved Panda that  was cast into solid Sterling Silver, with different textures, give it this threedimensional appearance.Partially oxidised.The Panda is a symbol for the protection of endangered species.Brooches are a classic way of s..
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This is a personalized pendant that will be made for you specifically. The Z is an example of a family name Initial. You can choose your letter of the alpabet and the precious metal. Available are Silver, tarnished, partially tarnished, Yellow, White and Rose Gold...
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