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A custom made modern openwork handcrafted ring, that combines the cool sophistication of high polished silver with the warm elegance of twisted brown leather...
The wax forming and casting workshop runs over two days and explores the so called lost wax technique. Under supervision you will make a unique ring from scratch. Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein, a goldsmith of 28 years experience with students, will guide you through the process. Make your own ring or a very special gift and carve it out of wax, using your fingers and specialist tools. Wax carving..
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This handcrafted Sterling Silver ring features a bright blue-green Australian boulder Opal. It is almost fully smoothly polished into a cabochon shape. As opposed to a doublet or triplet Opal, which is just a thin slice glued to a piece of coconut shell, this Opal is really solid and full. You can see this on a couple of the photos, where there is a small chipped area, hardly visible to ..
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This pair of Silver earrings each feature 17 wonderfully light blue and clear Tanzanites in a Marquise cut. They are set into a unique woven flower pattern inspired by Portuguese Filigree patterns. Handmade in Sterling Silver they were then Rhodium-plated. The Tanzanite is the birthstone of December along with the Turquoise.Measurements: The 17 Marquise-shaped Tanzanites measure 2mm x 4mm...
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The drop shaped London Blue Topaz catches the eye on this solid Gold necklace. The superb AAA-quality and facetted cut bring out its wonderful blue colour while luxuriously sparkling. Handcrafted in 9ct Gold in my Yorkshire studio as a unique piece.Measurements: The Topaz is 7.5mm long and 5mm wide. The pendant is 13.2mm long and 5.2mm wide. The chain has a total length of 40.5mm...
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This pair of Silver earrings feature ten extraordinary Rubies each. They are set into a unique drop-shaped Filigree pattern. The central large Ruby is surrounded by 9 slightly smaller ones. Handmade in Sterling Silver they were then Rhodium-plated. The Ruby is the birthstone of July and also one of the 4 genuine Precious stones.Measurements: The large central Ruby has a diameter of 3.5mm...
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A blue Australian Boulder Opal in the shape of a triangle is the feature of this hand crafted Sterling Silver necklace. This large Opal shows a remarkable colour range of blues and blue greens to brown and includes 22ct gold leaf. When moving and if you if you look up close its unique play of light ranges from blue to green and pink. The pendant and the elegant ball chain has a such a smooth gl..
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These are round Sterling Silver earrings each featuring a smooth round Kyanite in the exquisite AAA quality. These Kyanites, which exhibit an unusual blue colour, are suspended inside of a slightly oval circle and dangle nicely to compliment your neck area. The name of this gemstone actually means 'deep blue', coming from the Greek word ‘kyanos’. The Kyanite's cat-eye like shimmering, known as ..
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This elegant necklace features a fancy solid Sterling Silver pendant holding a large faceted Green Tourmaline. The surface of both the handmade pendant and the Rollo chain has been highly polished, enhancing the unrivalled reflectivity that, amongst all precious metals, only Silver possesses.Tourmalines are amazing gems, but if you were born in October, the Tourmaline is also your birthstone..
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This solid Sterling Silver ring bears a natural green Tourmaline in the splendid Marquise cut. The precious stone has been set in a 24 K gold plated and polished bezel, which then turns to a brushed surface. This contrast is taken further by the white surface appearance of the brushed Silver of the rounded shank.This Tourmaline is natural and you can see the sparkle and some details of the c..
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These earrings have natural faceted blue Sapphires set in solid 9ct yellow Gold in the shape of half circles. They exhibit a wonderful sparkling light reflection, also due to their exquisite quality rating of AAA. Secure with a high quality solid 9ct Gold stud fastening. Sapphire is known as the gem of the heaven and is also called ‘The Divine Gem’. Shades range from dark blue to bright blue, ..
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This handcrafted necklace consists of faceted rhombs and smooth round Peridots in the exquisite AAA quality. They’re said to radiate in the most luscious green known to man. A beautiful and uniquely shaped long Biwa Pearl flanked by two braided Gold vermeil sculptures is the eye catcher of this composition. This feature gives the necklace a unique twist to be able to be worn either with the Pea..
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