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Ring Re-sizing Silver rings

Ring Re-sizing Silver rings
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My rings are unique just like my other items.
They come as they come.
Often they can be worn of course on another finger
than the intended one.
I make them in a popular size and don't charge for resizing
one size up or down.
However, there is a need for extra precious metal even
if the ring gets smaller and it is also some work.
So I think it is fair to charge a small fee for the re-sizing
if it is more than one size. It just covers part of the actual cost.
This fee is for rezing 2 to 5 sizes up or down.
Please make sure you have properly measured the finger or
a well-fitting ring or ask for my advice.
I'm happy to help. It's better than to resize multiple times.
Please consider that resizing can take up to 2 weeks depending how busy I am.
Please choose one of the options on the right.
*The special prices only apply to items bought in my shop within 14 days of purchase.
If you have any other question, please contact me (click here).