Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating

Rhodium is a precious metal of the platinum group.
It is commonly used to give jewellery an extra bright shine and prevents Silver from tarnishing.
White Gold jewellery is almost always Rhodium plated and to increase the sparkle of precious stones like diamonds its super white reflective surface is the right choice.
It's very hard and almost totally scratch proof, inert and very beautiful to look at. So why not use it for jewellery as a main material?
It is the most expensive precious metal, double the price of Gold and it also doesn't lend itself to working with it due to its extreme hardness and high melting point.
Because of its durability Rhodium doesn't need to be plated as thick as for instance Gold when Gold plating to Gold vermeil standard on Sterling Silver, so it is still affordable, even though being very very valuable.
Rhodium increases not only the look and the quality of the jewellery item, but also the longevity. 
A Silver or even a white Gold ring can get spots and stains, especially in the creases and crevices over time, depending on where the ring is stored or even who it wears.
Body chemistry and environment are important factors in the tarnishing process.
Not everyone likes cleaning Silver.
Also, cleaning chemicals can damage jewellery with some precious stones like i.e. Opals or Pearls, but also the cleaning cloth can not reach into creases and crevices.
Rhodium plating is a neat way of having a very precious item being even more valuable and durable without spending a fortune.
My Rhodium plating technique doesn't require a layer of Nickel under it, which is common practice still.
So even after scratching the surface roughly there is no allergy risk.
Some heavily worn items need replating every so often, but with my extra strong layer of rhodium and careful preparation and cleaning steps most items won't need replating ever again.

Rhodium plating is a service for customers of ADFK Jewellery that can be booked here.
If you wish to use it for jewellery other than bought from ADFK Jewellery, please contact me.

There is also a Gold plating and repair, redesign, and comissioning services available.

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