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Moonstone Eye - Sterling Silver ring with gold applications (sold out)

Moonstone Eye - Sterling Silver ring with gold applications (sold out)
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The ring Moonstone Eye was handcrafted, carved in wax using the lost wax technique.

It is made out of Sterling Silver and had been partially gold-plated where the stone has been set.

I have used the special variety Rainbow Moonstone, that has a milky white look and a rainbow coloured sheen from within.

The finish is brushed and I applied a special treatment for the Silver for a whiter appearance.

Jewellery with a Moonstone is traditionally given on a 13th wedding anniversary.

It's found in Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States.

Moonstone is an opalescent Semi-Precious Stone with a blue or white sheen, referred to as a “Shimmer“- somewhat like the moonshine.

The sheen, called adularescence, is created by the reflection of light between its Crystal layers.

This stone was used in jewellery by the Romans, believing  that the stone was actually formed from the light rays of the moon.

Moonstone is considered a sacred stone in India.

This ring is a Q½, circumference in (mm) 58, European size 18.

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