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London Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring handcrafted (sold out)

London Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring handcrafted (sold out)
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A solid sterling silver ring handmade by using the lost wax technique (GW) with a beautiful oval faceted London Topaz.

Blue Topaz has become one of the top selling gems in the jewellery business, since blue topaz is unusual in offering excellent hardness, (on the Mohs scale an 8) and brilliance.

Blue topaz can be found in both lighter and darker tones, usually known in the trade as Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz. As in the case of other blue gems, the more saturated blues tend to have a higher value. So in topaz it is the London Blue that usually regarded as the most valuable.

Blue topaz: Natural Blue Topaz is rare. Found in all major deposits and also in England (Cornwall), Northern Ireland and Scotland.

All my jewellery items are unique. This means, there is only one single item made.

This ring is a J1/2 - 49. If you don't know the size of the finger that it is for, let me help you find out.

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