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These kinetic earrings are handmade from solid gold and 10 Sapphires. They each feature five drop-shaped sapphires in beautiful pastel colours, yellow, orange, red, green and blue. The natural sapphires have been faceted in a sparkling briolett cut. Their colourful reflections complement the earrings’ light and flowing architecture:Multiple links have been connected to achie..
Solid Silver ring set with gorgeous Sapphires in the colours yellow, red, orange, pink and dark red. These precious stones have the immaculate quality AAA and they are facetted to sparkle magically. They are flush set, so this ring is good to wear every day as the stone settings don't catch on anything. The Sapphire is the Birthstone of September.Measurements: The 5 Sapphires have each a d..
This Sterling Silver Ring carries 24 colourful raw diamonds embedded in its unique honeycomb structure. This ring has been designed and hand cast in my workshop in Yorkshire using traditional procedures. Over the course of 15 hours this wax model has been burnt out from 230 gradually to 730 degrees Celsius to create a perfect void in a cast form. The resulting hollow has then been filled with l..
This is a handcrafted solid Sterling Silver ring with five wonderfully colourful Sapphires, blue, green, yellow, red and the rare colour orange.These precious stones have the immaculate quality AAA and they are facetted to sparkle magically. They are flush set, so this ring is good to wear every day as the stone settings don't catch on anything.Sapphire is known as the gem of the heaven a..
 Genuine Aquamarine, cut to 48 smooth spheres and adorned with Sterling Silver, make up this lavish necklace. The colours resemble all of the ocean’s waters colours, the marine blues and blue greens with their subtle differences in hue that are to be discovered in the depths of the gemstone up close. A grand pendant with a polished finis, which holds the large oval cabochon-cut Aquamar..
 This is a handcrafted Gold vermeil necklace featuring a unique oval Rainbow Moonstone on a beautiful italian seed chain. This stone has a quality rating of AAA with a wonderful depth and intense blue shimmer.Moonstone is said to have magic properties and it is the epiphany of mystical stone. In many cultures, for example in India, it is worshipped as holy gemstone. In India, Moons..
 This necklace features distinctive freeform shaded Citrines with clear, yet smooth edges. Two wonderful Amethysts complement the pastel colour range. These chunky nuggets are substantial in size and their exceptionally clear AA+ quality enhances the complexion of the wearer. The necklace closes with a Gold vermeil twisted T-toggle. Gold vermeil is Sterling Silver with a notable layer..
 This Gold necklace stars twentytwo Tourmalines of the most stunning colour range. They all exhibit the top quality AAA and are cut as lustrous cabochon half sphere cups. Each of the solid 9K-Gold chain links have been handmade individually and interlinked. This work has been designed and goldsmithed in my workshop in Yorkshire.Tourmaline is a colourful semi-precious stone, which t..
 This exclusive necklace is made from natural round faceted Beryl spheres which include stunning blue green Aquamarines. A centre piece of the necklace is a stunning freeform faceted Aquamarine. All precious stones are of the exquisite quality AAA and are untreated. The pendant is set with white Topazes in black Sterling Silver and 18 K Gold vermeil. The necklace closes with a high qu..
 This handmade necklace features natural free-form multi coloured Umba Sapphires linked with freshwater Biwa Pearls. These precious stones have the immaculate quality AAA. The whole piece is handcrafted in Sterling Silver and the beautiful oval clasp has a brushed finish.The Umba Sapphire is a unique type of fancy Sapphire that has been mined in East Africa only since the 1950&rsquo..
 This vibrant bracelet consists of Coral and Magnesite with Sterling Silver applications.I have used red Sponge Coral for the Spheres and Precious Coral for the ornamented round charm.You can see the natural structure of the Coral, every piece has its unique marbling.I only use sustainably sourced Coral in my jewellery; those are naturally broken off pieces, washed up ashore a..
Elaborate Necklace carrying a Silver Twig as pendant on a Silver chain. The twig can be worn horizontally and also sideways as shown in the images. The Twig was cast and then fitted with a beautiful blue Australian Opal and a bright yellow Citrine. Both are set in a 9ct Gold bezel. The chain is handmade of marquise-shaped loops with a polished finish. This necklace is inspired by the simple be..
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