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This is a Black Rhodium plated solid Sterling Silver ring with a matt finish. It has a Court profile shape that is comfortable to wear.The precious metal Rhodium is twice as valuable as Gold and it gives this ring an elegant and outstanding look. It prevents tarnishing of the Silver and is commonly used in plating of white gold in wedding bands for example. Due to a speciality technique it ..
This is a handcrafted Sterling Silver ring carrying beautiful dark orange-brown-yellow 6mm round Madeira Citrine. It reflects the light in different shades of yellow. The Citrine is the birthstone of November.Citrine is an uncommon variety of quartz, combining the bright clarity of quartz with the warm tones of sunlight. When Quartz crystallises with inclusions of iron, then Citrine occurs...
AAA Smoky Quartz 12x10mm checkerboard cabochons set in a solid sterling silver frame, all handmade at my workshop.Known as the Dream Stone, Smoky Quartz is a brown or black variety of quartz, forming in strong points and clusters. Like silver it is believed traditionally to help in releasing old negativity like grief, stress, fear and anxiety. Smoky quartz is a powerful ground..
A beautiful modern openwork handcrafted ring, that combines the cool sophistication of high polished silver with the warm elegance of twisted brown leather. Leather and silver is a subtle combination for an understated style. I try to transforme unique textural combinations into trendy, original designs.You don't have to wait until the big anniversaries, to give an Anniversary ring. And they d..
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