Purple- the colour of the kings and queens.

Violet, lilac, blue-red, you name it.

Purple’s rarity in nature and the expense of creating the colour, has given purple a supernatural aura for centuries. Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. Perhaps this explains why purple is associated with supernatural energy and the cosmos than with the physical world as we know it.

Purple it’s a colour with a powerful history that has evolved over time. In fact, the origins of the symbolism of purple are more significant and interesting than those of any other colour.

Amethyst, February's birthstone is famously purple.

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DARK PEARLS | Sterling Silver cufflinks with real Peacock Pearls

These are handcrafted Sterling Silver cufflinks with real Peacock Pearls. Colour hues of purple and blue alternate in these naturally grown jewels. ..

£100 Ex Tax: £100

TANZANITE SPARKLE | Ear studs in Gold vermeil Sterling Silver

These Gold vermeil ear studs each feature an extraordinary oval Tanzanite. Their clarity and beautiful Diamond cut makes them sparkle luxuriously. T..

£110 Ex Tax: £110

PURPLE DREAM | Amethyst Gold necklace with Citrines

Each individual link of this lavish Gold necklace has been handcrafted into unique circles. Luxuriously sized and extraordinarily cut faceted Amethys..

£1,450 Ex Tax: £1,450

AMETHYST SQUARED | Solid Gold ear studs

Clear and distinctively, in these ear studs two square-cut Amethysts are set in Gold. They are beautifully facetted and have the exquisite quali..

£150 Ex Tax: £150

AMETHYSTS & NESTS | Necklace with Sterling Silver sculptures

 This handcrafted necklace comprises stunning large Amethysts spheres with two Sterling Silver nest sculptures. These have been inspired by ..

£250 Ex Tax: £250

CITRINE FREEFORM CHUNKS | Necklace with Amethyst and Gold vermeil

 This necklace features distinctive freeform shaded Citrines with clear, yet smooth edges. Two wonderful Amethysts complement the pastel col..

£250 Ex Tax: £250

AMETHYST BIRD | Necklace with Sterling Silver sculpture (made to order)

 This out of the ordinary necklace comprises faceted Amethysts as roundels shaded in all of its hues of purple. The Amethysts are rated AAA ..

£150 Ex Tax: £150

AMETHYST FISH | Handcarved Gold necklace Made to order (2-3 weeks)

AMETHYST FISH | Handcarved Gold necklace

 This exclusive necklace features a large hand carved Amethyst in the shape of fish and is made of solid 9ct Gold. The fish sculpture is mad..

£250 Ex Tax: £250

RUBELLITE GOLD | Open ring in solid Gold with Tourmaline (made to order) Made to order (2-3 weeks)

RUBELLITE GOLD | Open ring in solid Gold with Tourmaline (made to order)

 This is a handmade 9ct solid Yellow Gold ring with a beautiful round faceted Rubellite in the exquisite quality AAA. Its smoothness paired ..

£360 Ex Tax: £360

MINK VERTEBRAE | Sterling Silver necklace with Peacock Pearl

 For this necklace I cast a vertebrae bone of a mink from an old collection in Sterling Silver. I love natural shapes and I couldn’t h..

£160 Ex Tax: £160

Oval See-Through Amethyst Ring | Sterling Silver with dots Sold | Ask for quote

Oval See-Through Amethyst Ring | Sterling Silver with dots

Elegant Sterling Silver Ring with a beautifully facetted oval Brazilian Amethyst. Due to the open setting of the stone you can see the ..

£110 Ex Tax: £110