The name says everything. It's called Aquamarine, and it's sparkling blue. The colour ranges from light to medium blue. It is said to be the treasure of mermaids and therefore having the power to safeguard sailors. Aquamarine symbolises youth, health and love. It smoothes and relaxes the wearer. It has a soothing effect on married couples and also provides protection against the ruse of evil. It is said to increase intelligence and make one more youthful.

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AQUAMARINE SPHERES | Ear studs in solid Gold

These elegant ear studs feature bright blue smooth round Aquamarine spheres set in 9ct Gold. The Aquamarines in these earrings have the exclusive qua..


AQUAMARINE TWIG |18K solid White Gold ring

This solid 18K White Gold ring features a wonderful blue Aquamarine in a Yellow Gold setting. The double shank resembles an organic Yorkshire twig, w..


MOSS AQUAMARINE | Solid Gold earrings

These are handcrafted Moss Aquamarine earrings in solid 9ct Gold. They are onion-shaped, facetted to sparkle beautifully and have the exquisite AAA q..


MOSS AQUAMARINE | Solid Gold necklace

Each circular link of this solid 9 carat yellow Gold necklace has been crafted individually and linked by hand. The six onion-shaped Moss Aquamarines..


ALL OF THE OCEAN’S WATERS | Aquamarine necklace with Sterling Silver works

 Genuine Aquamarine, cut to 48 smooth spheres and adorned with Sterling Silver, make up this lavish necklace. The colours resemble all of th..


AQUAMARINE EXCLAMATION | Sterling Silver earrings (sold out) Sold | Ask for quote

AQUAMARINE EXCLAMATION | Sterling Silver earrings (sold out)

 Water blue, sparkling and shiny, these long Sterling Silver earrings have the shape of exclamation marks. They each feature georgeous oval ..


AQUA | Sterling Silver Ring with Aquamarine

 This Sterling Silver ring features a natural smooth cushion-cut Aquamarine with a polished surface. The precious stone is set in a shiny sm..


AQUAMARINE BERYL | Necklace with white Topaz, Silver and Gold

 This exclusive necklace is made from natural round faceted Beryl spheres which include stunning blue green Aquamarines. A centre piece of t..


WATER BLUE AQUAMARINE | Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ring (made to order)

 This made to order rhodium plated Sterling Silver ring holds a stately water blue Aquamarine in the exclusive quality AA. Its clarity,..


AQUAMARINE SPHERES | Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ear hooks

You are looking at round faceted Aquamarine earrings with hooks from rhodium plated Sterling Silver. These Aquamarines have an intense ocean blue col..


AQUAMARINE SPARKLE | Gold faceted earstuds in 4mm, 5mm or 6mm (made to order) Made to order (2 weeks)

AQUAMARINE SPARKLE | Gold faceted earstuds in 4mm, 5mm or 6mm (made to order)

 These are sparkling 5mm round faceted Aquamarine set in 9ct yellow gold studs (also available in 4mm and 6mm). These ear studs are made to ..


Necklace with an Aquamarine cluster in a crystal matrix pendant cast in Sterling Silver

A translation from the formation of a gemstone. Inspired by the geology of gemstones I tried to replicate an Aquamarine Crystal Matrix. This ensemble ..