he sparkling beauty of the Pearl has been cherished since the dawn of mankind.
According to the ancient Greek belief, Jewellery with a Pearl is capable of promoting marital bliss and eliminate emotional imbalances.
This tiny, yet majestic stone comes in colours that range from cream to dark blue and black.
The Pearl is a symbol of faithfulness integrity and wisdom. It is also said to have calming qualities.
There are many types of Pearls:
The Natural Pearl - made without the interference of the human hand,
The Cultured Pearl - through a process discovered in 1893, a foreign substance is intentionally inserted into a living oyster,
The Baroque Pearl - irregulary shaped,
The Biwa Pearl - an irregular shaped Pearl, which is formed in Japan's freshwater Lake Biwa,
The Blister Pearl - it grows attached to the inside of a shell,
The Black Pearl - gray to black in colour,
The Freshwater Pearl - formed in freshwater mollusks and resemble puffed rice,
The Mabe Pearl - cultivated blister pearls,
The Seed Pearl - small and tiny used in Victorian jewellery and clothing


Jewellery with a Moonstone is traditionally given on a 13th wedding anniversary.

It's found in Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States.

Moonstone is an opalescent Semi-Precious Stone with a blue or white sheen, referred to as a “Shimmer“- somewhat like the moonshine.

The sheen, called adularescence, is created by the reflection of light between its Crystal layers.

This stone was used in jewellery by the Romans, believing  that the stone was actually formed from the light rays of the moon.

Moonstone is considered a sacred stone in India.

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