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Spektakulär | Gebürsteter Silberring mit großem rutiliertem Quarz (Ausverkauft)

Spektakulär | Gebürsteter Silberring mit großem rutiliertem Quarz (Ausverkauft)
  • Verfügbar: Verkauft/ Sonderanfertigung
  • Unikat-Nr.: 810

Brushed Silver Ring with a large, amazingly beautiful round Rutilated Quartz with beautiful golden needles. This ring has a special design, you can wear it either way, which makes it like having two rings.

Rutilated quartz, has mineral inclusions, making this gemstone so attractive, this is a quartz with needle like rutile crystals. This stone is also known as sagenite, angel hair or Venus hair. Prized as a precious stone, it is cut into factes and cabochons. Rutilated quartz's pattern of criss-crossing crystal suggests rapid communication and exchange of energy. Its clear and gold tones make it excellent for encouraging the body to repair itself.
Rutilated quartz has an hardness of 7, and has both trigonal (quartz) and tetragonal (rutile) system.

This ring is a size L/M, circumference in mm 50/52, European size 10/12.
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