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These are sweet little hand-carved mother-of-pearl flowers ear studs made of Sterling Silver and each carrying an amazing facetted Cubic Zirconia (CZ).They're exchangeable, you can wear just the little studs or put the flowers.So they are two in one.I have more of this series in production right now, so there are other flowers or studs available to interchange.As colours there is S..
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These are ear studs entirely handmade of Sterling Silver with round bowls surrounded by frozen Silver droplets.These are highly polished like the rest of the ring, but in contrast to these smooth, shiny surfaces, the inside surface of the round bowl is made of matte, structured, dark Silver.The little droplets on the rim have been frozen in the moment they've been liquid ..
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 These are sparkling 5mm round faceted Aquamarine set in 9ct yellow gold studs. These ear studs are made to order for you, please allow one week for them to be finished. Aquamarine, as a healing stone, is effective as a treatment for anxiety and in the Middle Ages it was thought that this stone would reduce the effect of poisons. The most valuable aquamarines come, like these here, fro..
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Earrings with high quality faceted blue-violet Tanzanite grapes in a bunch set in Gold vermeil (Gold-plated Sterling Silver). Elegant vermeil earring hook with a flower and 4mm faceted Tanzanite rondells. The total length is 5cm / 4.5cm.Tanzanite is a Lavender Zoisite and it was discovered only in 1967 at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. The presence of vanadium is what cr..
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AAA Smoky Quartz 12x10 checkerboard cabochons set in solid sterling silver frame, all handmade at my workshop in Hessle.The Dream Stone, Smoky Quartz is a brown or black variety of quartz, forming in strong points and clusters. Like silver it can be effective in releasing old, negativity like grief, stress, fear and anxiety. Smoky quartz has a positive strength.Smoky quartz is a powerful ..
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Wild rose seeds, that have been dried for almost a year and then cast. They look not only look amazing but intricate as well, with very interesting texture due to the drying out process. These are perfect Spring welcoming earstuds. All handmade and in sterling silver.If you want to plant some Rose seeds, they have to be collected in the fall, cleaned, and cold-treated before they are planted. ..
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