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FAMILY CREST | Sterling Silver and 24ct Gold Tie Pin (made to order)

FAMILY CREST | Sterling Silver and 24ct Gold Tie Pin (made to order)
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This striking Tie Pin resembles the vintage image of masculinity in wearing the family's crest.
A crest is a form of great support and bravery, showing the confidence of the wearer in the subtlest of ways.

It allows a wearer to envisage their own unique family crest and start the journey for the family's history.
Superb and fitting to wear at a party, a conference, around the house, to pass down to generations or simply to wear when you want to show off.
This Tie Pin is handcrafted, featuring a 24ct Gold-plated family crest, and made of solid Sterling Silver.

The tie pin has a needle on the backside of the crest; this in turn goes through the tie and is clipped at the tip of the needle on the other side to ensure that it stays in.
The chain, attached to the clip, is brought through one shirt button hole, to ensure that you won’t lose the tie pin.

The Gold-plated crest is 14 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick.

There are also Cufflinks which are made in the exact same style, and designed to fit with the Tie pin (see pictures).