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Multi coloured Umba Sapphire | Solid Gold necklace with all shades of the divine gem (sold)

Multi coloured Umba Sapphire | Solid Gold necklace with all shades of the divine gem (sold)
  • Available: Made to order (2-3 weeks)
  • Unique No: 895

Exquisite Gold necklace with faceted drop shaped multi coloured Umba Sapphire briolettes in the quality AAA.
I have used sustainably recycled 19.2ct yellow gold for the pendant carrying a wonderful green Umba-Sapphire.
The chain itself is made of 9ct yellow gold, and so are the small nuggets in between the multi coloured Sapphires.
This necklace has Sapphires in the colours and shades of blue, green, pink, red, orange, brown and more.

Umba Sapphire is a unique type of fancy Sapphire, that has been mined in East Africa since the 1950's in the Gerevi Hills, north of the Umba River in the Umba Valley of Tanzania.
Fancy sapphire (Umba Sapphire) comes in a vivid array of colours, there are 67 different colours of this kind.
Exhibiting a coloration uncommon to Sapphires sourced from other parts of the world.
The Umba river valley, in Tanzania, produces most of these colours including the lovely canary yellow sapphire and African Padparadscha, a pastel orangy pink, which is highly prized and very rare.

Sapphire is known as the gem of the heaven and is also called 'the divine gem'. The most popular colour variety is the true royal blue. Shades range from dark blue to bright blue. But there are varieties of Sapphire that are golden to reddish orange and violets as well. Its symbolic meanings: faithfulness, sincerity and devotion, make it a popular choice on engagement rings. The Sapphire is known to grant spiritual enlightenment, inner peace and courage, used to calm mental strain, strengthen bones and promote a healthy life.
The Sapphire is the Birthstone of the ones born in September.