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Two Squared | Peridot Silver Ring (sold)

Two Squared | Peridot Silver Ring (sold)
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  • Unique No: 849

This unique Sterling Silver Ring is handmade in my workshop in Yorkshire and very special to me.
As you can see from the pictures, it is very nice to wear and radiates in a characteristic green hue.
Due to the two squares of faceted Peridot semi-precious stones it always
sparkles no matter how you hold your hand.
I crafted this piece out of Sterling Silver.
Peridot belongs to the Olivine family of stones
which are of vulcanic origin and also found in meteorites.
Peridot is the birthstone of August.


When the stones are exactly parallel the Ring is a UK size L, that's an inner circumference of 51mm and a US 5 1/2,
but due to its open architecture it can be adapted up to a UK P, or 56 mm inner circumference, that's a US 7 1/2.
The two Peridots measure 4x4 mm each.