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BLUE HEARTED PENGUIN | Solid Gold necklace with Sapphire

BLUE HEARTED PENGUIN | Solid Gold necklace with Sapphire
  • Available: : Immediately
  • Unique No: 1643

This necklace carries a hand carved penguin with a facetted dark blue Sapphire at its heart.
Seeing the wonderful penguins in the underwater centre ’The Deep’ in Kingston upon Hull
recently inspired me to pay homage to this hard working birds.
They are defying the elements and some say they turned their apparent disability on land
into strength under water.

Handcrafted in solid 9 carat Gold I have then galvanised it with 24 carat fine Gold,
which gives it this magical glow.
24K Gold has the richest Gold colour of all, but its softness makes it impractical to wear.
This fusion of a solid 9ct core and a substantial layer of fine Gold (2.5 micron)
ennobles this piece and still makes it very much wearable every day.

The necklace has a total length of 45cm.
The penguin pendant is 15.2mm long, 9.4mm wide and 4.5mm thick.
The Sapphire has a diameter of 1.9mm.