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PORTUGUESE PINE CONE | Solid sterling silver necklace

PORTUGUESE PINE CONE | Solid sterling silver necklace
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An alluring, pine cone inspired sterling silver pendant featuring delicate, scale-shaped details is the centre piece of this unusual necklace.
The elegant, spherical pendant is connected to the ring joint via a sophisticated, branch-like extension.
With the chain placing the pendant just below the collar bone, this feminine piece will charmingly frame your neckline to complete any look.

Pine cones are traditionally associated with enlightenment and the third eye while often symbolising intuition and immortality.
Different cultures around the world also hold the belief that our human pineal glands, which sit in our brains and are shaped like tiny pine cones, spiritually interconnect with this ancient plant organ.

The pendant has a width of 12.5mm and a length of 20mm.
The total length of this necklace is 41cm.