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MOON OVER LABRADOR | Necklace from Moonstone with Labradorite | Gold vermeil (Sold Out)

MOON OVER LABRADOR | Necklace from Moonstone with Labradorite | Gold vermeil (Sold Out)
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This is a long necklace featuring two different translucent gemstones, the Moonstone and the Labradorite.

114 little polished white, yet opaque bluish shimmering moonstone rondells are bound together with handknotted Gold vermeil chain links.

As a centre piece there is a large oval facetted moonstone disc that is clear on first sight, then reflects the most amazing blue, depending on the light conditions.

This moonstone crystal is set in Gold vermeil and features another pendant made up of five smaller and a large triangular shaped Labradorite.

These have a grey to green appearance and a green metallic sheen with occasional blue reflections.

If you see closer, you can also see a sparkling from within, which are tiny crystals within the Labradorite.

This necklace has a lot of features and certainly is for a very special woman.

Labradorite with its iridescent play of colours, was first found in 1770 on St. Paul Island, the Labrador Peninsula in Canada.

This stone allows you to see through illusions and determinate the actual form of your dreams and goals.

The Moonstone is also surrounded by a good deal of mystique and magic.

In many cultures, for example in India, it is regarded as a holy, magical gemstone.

In India, Moonstones are also regarded as 'dream stones' which bring the wearer beautiful visions at night.

It is one of the two birthstone of June together with the Pearl.

The necklace is 63 cm long and the pendant as a whole 4.5 cm long.

The oval moonstone disc measures 11 x 8 mm and the 114 smaller Moonstones of the chain are 2.5 x 3.5 cm.

The large Labradorite pyramid at the bottom of the pendant is 7.5 x 7.5 mm and the five smaller Labradorite rondells are 2 x 4 mm.