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MOSS AQUAMARINE | Solid Gold earrings

MOSS AQUAMARINE | Solid Gold earrings
  • Available: Custom order 4 - 6 weeks
  • Unique No: 1597

These are handcrafted Moss Aquamarine earrings in solid 9ct Gold.
They are onion-shaped, facetted to sparkle beautifully and have the exquisite AAA quality.

The rare Moss Aquamarine, like all Aquamarines, belongs to the Beryll family of gemstones
and exhibits a subtle blue hue in a green, half transparent, speckled crystal matrix.
You can see the light reflecting from the depths of this precious stone in a way that resembles the glistening of
water in a cave lagoon that is lined with moss.

Aquamarine is the stone of the ones born in March.

The earrings is 30.1mm cm long.
The onion shaped Moss Aquamarines are 10.5mm x 9,1mm.