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JEWELLERY WORKSHOP | Make your own 2 rings

JEWELLERY WORKSHOP | Make your own 2 rings
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This is the lost wax course over two days and it includes the Sterling Silver for 2 Rings.
Under the supervision and help of Jewellery maker Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein you will make a two unique rings from scratch.
Make your own wedding rings, carve them out of wax, using your fingers and specialist tools.
Wax carving is a really interesting and effective method of making bespoke jewellery.
You will learn how to carve the wax piece into the shape and get an insight into the different techniques involved.
Casting is done in house, you can even pour your own molten silver or gold, after a health and safety training.
Watch your rings come to life!
The workshop will be 2 x 5 hours approximately.
The burn-out process will run over night, the days of the course can be consequitive or on two different dates.
After the cast you will be shown how to refine the form, file and polish your own creations.
You can choose to even include precious stones or semi-precious stones.
All with a little help of a patient and kind professional.
Take home photos of your experience!
The price includes teaching, use of the machines, kilns and all materials:
Carving wax, Investment casting plaster, crucible, Sterling Silver for 2 rings, coffee and tea.
Overnight accomodations with bed & breakfast are available on arrangement for a small fee.

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