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DIAMOND BARNACLE | Solid Gold ring with three Rough Diamonds

DIAMOND BARNACLE | Solid Gold ring with three Rough Diamonds
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  • Unique No: 1624

The inspiration to this ring is the raw beauty of barnacles on sea shells I found on the beach.
These interesting small creatures are actually to the family of crabs and are able to defy incredibly strong tidal forces. 
The rough Diamonds are a symbol of this resilience, embodying everlasting love.
The ring carries a special texture, it is the surface structure of the shell that carries these barnacles.
This solid 9ct Gold piece has been created by hand in my workshop in Yorkshire.

The 3 rough Diamonds are 2.5mm to 3.0mm in diameter.
The barnacle with the diamonds is 8mm to 9.5mm wide and sits 7.5mm proud.
The width of the ring shank varies from 3.0mm to 8.0mm and is 1.2mm to 2.3mm thick.

Ring size:
This unique ring is a UK size L 1/2, which is an inside diameter 16.6 mm and a 52 mm inside circumference,
that's a US size 6 and this is immediately available.

If you require a different ring size, please enquire, as this will be a custom order.