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Three colour Garnet necklace | Sterling Silver Swirl ornament (Sold Out)

Three colour Garnet necklace | Sterling Silver Swirl ornament (Sold Out)
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This necklace has multicoloured Garnet smooth roundels (green, red and very dark red to black shades)
with a handcrafted brushed Sterling Silver swirl in the middle.
It is a Spiral holding a single Garnet bead like a treasure hidden in a maze.
It has a handmade half opened circle out of brushed Sterling Silver as clasp.
The length is 44.6cm.
The name Garnet stems from its resemblance to the seeds of the fleshy seeds of the pomegranate fruit,
but there are other, more rare colours like the black and green shades used in this unique necklace.
In other languages Garnet is called Granat, the same name as the fruit.
Slices of garnet have been used in windows in churches and temples,
and according to the legend, Noah has suspended a garnet in the ark in order to disperse light.
Garnet is said to cure melancholy and to warm the heart.
It also symbolises vitality in all its forms, such as strength and fertility.
Garnet is believed to have the power to bring success in business, fame and popularity, providing protection and bringing spiritual awareness.
Its powers include healing, strength, and it is often worn to relieve skin inflammations.
It also regulates the heart and blood flow and aid in curing depression.
It is also the gem to be given on a 2nd and 6th Wedding Anniversary.
Garnet is January's birthstone.