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Emerald Shades | Bracelet with Gold chain (sold out)

Emerald Shades | Bracelet with Gold chain (sold out)
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This is a new Emerald bracelet with a fine Gold vermeil chain.

These amazing high quality Columbian Emeralds that graduate in colour and clarity from pale clear light green to solid dark green have been incorporated with sterling silver 24ct vermeil chain, making this bond into a bracelet with a fine vermeil leaf at the end of the clasp.

These beautiful Emeralds are faceted into sparkly tiny rondelles.

Mined over 4000 years ago in Egypt, this precious stone has been held in high regard since antiquity.

Some Emeralds have an almost velvety appearance.

As a general rule, a vivid Emerald, full of inclusions, will normally demand a higher price than a flawless one paler in colour.

The Emerald is the birthstone of May