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POPPYSEED PODS | Sterling Silver earrings (Sold Out)

POPPYSEED PODS | Sterling Silver earrings (Sold Out)
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These earrings each feature a solid Sterling Silver cast seed capsule of a poppy flower.

The natural seed pods were collected in the East Yorkshire countryside and were then cast in my workshop using the ancient lost wax technique and placed on hooks that can be slightly bent.
They are part of the exclusive ‘I am organic - Collection’ which is defined by extraordinarily beautiful natural objects that simply deserve to be cast in precious metals for all eternity.
Out of sheer respect of nature’s beauty, I leave the surfaces organic and use only traditional methods in the creative process.

For more information, please contact me.

These earrings are 20 mm long in total.
The poppyseed capsules are 14 mm long and 9 mm wide.