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MOTHER OF PEARL FLOWERS | Ear studs with CZ in different colours (made to order)

MOTHER OF PEARL FLOWERS | Ear studs with CZ in different colours (made to order)
  • Available: Made to order (2-3 weeks)
  • Unique No: 1281

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These are sweet little hand-carved mother-of-pearl flowers ear studs made of Sterling Silver and each carrying an amazing facetted Cubic Zirconia (CZ).

They're exchangeable, you can wear just the little studs or put the flowers.

So they are two in one.

I have more of this series in production right now, so there are other flowers or studs available to interchange.

As colours there is Saphire Blue and Rainbow.

Choose your colour above or you could also take more than one colour.

Each set consists of a pair of mother-of-pearl flowers and a pair of Sterling Silver CZ studs already.

An extra pair of Sterling Silver CZ studs costs only £8 extra. You can choose more than one extra pair.

The Cubic Zirconia is a lab-made semi-precious stone that was created to resemble a diamond at first, its sparkle and hardness.

It's not a cheap Swarovski or other glass bead, but a genuine crystal, just like naturally grown gemstones, just man-made.

These man-made semi-precious stones look stunningly similar to the naturally grown precious stones.

Mother-of-Pearl is, of course, a natural material and is basically the inner shell of clams like large Oysters.

It has an organic white glow to it that reflects a slight rainbowy hue.

Measurements with the flower: 11 x 3 mm

The Sterling Silver CZ studs by themselves without the flowers cost £12 a pair.